API and Pharmaceutical Intermediates

From Lab to Pilot Trial and to Commercial Manufacturing,Xinhua is capable to

provide the client the best services which they are looking for and hoping for.


 Xinhua is advantaged in:

         Rich experiences in chemical synthesis for more than 60


         Experienced scientist and chemist.

         Efficient system for a quick reaction.

         Well-trained operators.

         State-of-the-art Equipment.

         Sources of low cost materials.

         Sound “Xinhua” brand reputation in home and overseas.


Manufacturing Expertise

Examples of standard Chemical reactions carried out by Xinhua
   Acetylization reaction
   Alkylation of amines
  Diazotization reaction and diazonium salts reduction
   Friedel-Crafts reaction
   Grignard reaction
Halogenation reaction
Hydrogenation of nitro- compounds and cyanides to amines utilizing 5%- 1 0% Pd-

  Cor Raney Nickel catalyst
Hydrogenation of unsaturated C-C compounds to saturated compounds utilizing

  5%- 1 0% Pd-C or Raney Nickel catalyst
Oppenhauer oxidation
Oxidation with KMnO4, HNO3 and Br2
Preparation diketene
Sulfonation reaction
Medium pressure hydrogenation

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