Development Milestone

•       2015 The civil (building) construction work of The New  International Finished

                 Drug Formulation Center has been completed

•       2013 Established Xinhua Pharmaceutical (U.S.) Co., Ltd.

•       2011 Solid Dosage plant (No.206) was approved by UK MHRA

•       2010 Hutian Site was established (for innovative 

•       2009 FDF CMO Project with UK Partner Triggered

•       2008 Shouguang Site is established.

•       2007 Contract project for finished dosage with Bayer Healthcare

•       2003 Xinhua Pharmaceutical (European) GmbH was established.

•       2003 The JV between Xinhua and Perrigo was established.

•       1998 The Contract Project with Sankyo Chemical for two

•                 Intermediates.

•       1997 Listed in Shenzhen stock exchange.

•       1996 Listed in Hong Kong stock exchange.

•       1994 The J.V. between Shandong Xinhua And DSM was


•       1993 The J.V. between Shandong Xinhua And Harvest Trading

                  GmbH was established.

•       1980 The first company in China to produce Salicylic Acid by

                  Introducing the equipment from Sweden.

•       1970 The first company in China to produce bulk Ibuprofen.

•       1959 The first company in China to produce bulk Acetyl Salicylic

•                 Acid and Caffeine.

•       1954  China’s the first API production line was started in Xinhua.

•       1953  Developed the first glass-lined reactor in China.

•       1950  Succeeded in developing sodium stibogluconate for stamping              

                   the Kala-Azar which was the epidemic lasted several

                   decades in China.

•       1943   Founded in 1943. 















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